Domain Name Service

Picking a Domain.
  1. Select your Site Name: MySiteName
  2. Select your .tld (top level domain):
    tld examples: .com, .net, .ca
With your MySiteName.tld you will have:
  • Complete Control over your domain
  • Multiple Email Addresses @MySiteName.tld
  • Email Redirects such as TextMe@MySiteName.tld forwarded to multiple email addresses or even a cell phone service.
  • Your own content and/or sub-content such as Summer.MySiteName.tld, Winter.MySiteName.tld or BLOG.MySiteName.tld, eCommerce.MySiteName.tld.
  • No need to email everyone that your email address has changed.
    … and so on….
This is the perfect way to brand yourself, your business, your interests, …

Need to secure or search for a name,  please contact.